Development of curricula

Expanding the list of professions and specializations, the transition to multi-system training,

and introduction the University of the new discipline of “Higher Education and the Bologna

Process” require the development of new curricula. This process is in university is under the

supervision of teaching departments and commissions scientific and methodical council of the

university. Particular attention is paid to the use of module-rating control systems knowledge

and broad implementation of elements of distance teaching. Improved control module. In

particular, this year developed and implemented an additional software package “Modular and

final control over the implementation curriculum and the schedule of the educational process.

“This provided an opportunity to introduce results implementation of the educational process

directly computer jobs in departments. To ensure the further implementation of remote learning

in the educational process at the university Rector’s order, starting of the 2014-2015 introduced

the use of electronic textbooks, distance learning courses and other forms of methodological

support new generation. With each discipline taught in the departments developed and sorted a

teaching complex, which consists of:

  • program that determines the content and structure of the course and its place system training;
  • work program that determines the distribution of training time and material on topics and forms of


  • methodological support of the curriculum types of classes students (seminars, practical laboratory

and independent);

  • methodical providing the necessary training in accordance with plan controls knowledge;
  • incoming, current, final, control residual knowledge of students (integrated tests);
  • subject of course projects (works), graphic works and settlement guidelines for their

implementation, which defined volume, structure work, summarized the contents of each of the

structural requirements for design.