In connection with the revision of curricula at the university is working systematically on improving

and updating courses, new courses and specialized courses, for example: professional education,

computer circuitry, additional sections of numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, clerical using

computer cybernetic technology, functional logistics, international tourism, philosophy of global

problems, the methodology of the socio-economic knowledge, government regulation of the economy,

the market for financial services, management of financial readjustment, state financial control,

intellectual property and others. According to the needs of the transport complex of Ukraine and

to maintain high image of the university as a national university, and to improve the competitiveness

of our graduates in the labor market, the University is working constantly on opening new training

areas and specialties. In particular, introduced new areas of training: “Tourism” (discipline “Field

service”), “Design” (discipline “Art”) “Philology” (technical translation) (discipline “humanities”)

“International Economics” (discipline “Economics and Entrepreneurship”) “Geodesy, Cartography

and Land Management” (discipline “Surveying and Land Management” and new specialty:

“Finance”, “Accounting and Auditing”.