Conference in Paderborn 27.01.-30.01.2014

Project management and administration. Management structure

carried out at three levels. The first level consists of a Management

Committee project and project coordinator, second level are three

Coordinator of participating countries, and the third – responsible

contact persons of consortium members.


G. Kaufman and V.Nikitin explain the structure and management

principles, responsibilities and target of complex work processes of

administration requirements for drafting and detailed project budget.


Paderborn Institute of Postgraduate Education in

computer science and computer engineering.


At the beginning of his presentation, prof. E. Stephen gives some

explanation about the possibilities of innovation arising from the

connection of mathematics, mechanical engineering, electrical

engineering, computer science and science. Paderborn Institute of

Postgraduate Education in Computer Science and and Computer

Engineering specializes in these relations and organizing a 3-year

study English with organized cultural activities and the formation

of key competencies.


Visit the Museum of Computer Technology of Heinz Niksdorf.





Computer technology exhibits Heinz Niksdorf show the history and

development of the first languages to modern computer technology

and produce a deep impression on understanding the innovation

potential resulting from the development of information technology.

The museum is located directly under the «Future Mile Fürstenallee”

and thus participants had opportunity to tour the museum in Russian.


Business Development Agency Paderborn.


As a public organization Business Development Agency supports the

creation of Paderborn businesses and provides free counseling for small

and medium enterprises. Thus, the Agency is working closely with the

Municipality of Paderborn, Technology park in Paderborn, universities

and research institutions.


Technological Park of Paderborn.







Technological Park of Paderborn was founded 22 years ago to support the

technology, focused on creating business by offering individual and comfortable

accommodation and maintenance, consulting and administrative services and

network platforms. Thus Association Technopark initially working closely with

the University of Paderborn. However, about 100 business companies with over

1,000 employees were created 13 modern office buildings. The presentation

explained Heusler success story Technopark Paderborn and under review the

organizational structure and service delivery.


Coordination meeting.


They discussed and addressed the following issues:

1. Bilateral agreements with the University of Paderborn:

• bilateral agreements to be concluded with all members of the consortium

apart three Ministries of Education,

• relatively partners from Belarus will be the General Agreement between

the University in. Paderborn and Belarusian State Economic University,

including all Belarusian partners

• an agreement will be prepared in the following languages: for Russian

and Belarusian partners German, Ukrainian partners for Ukrainian and

German, for Moldovan, Latvian and Slovak partners in English

• draft agreements will be prepared by the project team at the University of

Paderborn and sent to all partners by the end of the first half of March 2014.

2. Preparation of technical specifications:

• technical objectives to improve the integration of academic education, research

and Innovation should be developed separately for the three partner countries

Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

• Terms of Reference should be made to the end of December 2014

• Finally, the first tasks will be discussed and improved on the next meeting on

the project in Riga.