Roundtable 10.03.2016

March 10 at the National Transport University round table “dual education: European

Experience and national perspectives “with the Ministry of Education and Science of

Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the German economy and education Vocational

Institute Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, higher

educational establishments, colleges, vocational schools and employers.


In opening remarks, the Rector of NTU Dmytrychenko M. stressed the need for and feasibility

study experience of European education systems and introducing new forms of training highly

skilled, competitive specialists is at the stage of reforming Ukraine’s economy.


Manager International Projects University of Paderborn (Germany), Nikitin V. in their

presentation “The dual education in Germany,” revealed the nature and advantages of the dual

vocational education, based on years of experience of the system in Germany,

stressing that only a common interest in educational institutions, state and employers

can be the basis for the development dualization of education.


Discussion and debate, which was attended by all the roundtable participants confirmed

relevance and feasibility work in this direction, the need to develop and implement

dualization pilot project on vocational training with a view to working out a certain experience,

and improvement of necessary legal framework and readiness for dialogue in this

towards representatives of government agencies, educational institutions, businesses and