Implementation of TEMPUS projects

Get good results in the implementation of projects in TEMPUS National Transport University allowed:

  • Developed a modern computer database, which provides development and implementation of multi

integrated computer network that develops and improves a single information space with Ukrainian

scientific-educational network “Uranus” and information Resource pan-European research and education

network GEANT 2. This integration into the European information space enables the mode of Online

Information Resources, with various domestic and foreign educational institutions, enterprises and


  • Developed a form of distance education in the Bologna Process;
  • modernized and improved platform “Prometheus”;
  • Creation of Ukrainian national portal in the project “Development Network training courses in

management of the transport and logistics in Ukraine “VETLOG” which lasted three years. The

consortium project comprised two European universities (University Paderborn, Germany, and

University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria) and three Ukrainian universities

(National Transport University, Kyiv, Odessa National Maritime Academy, m. Odesa and Azov State

Technical University, Mariupol.

Global goals the project included:

  • supporting national programs in Ukraine through close cooperation between universities and

enterprises of Ukraine in developing and conducting training courses Professional and Managerial

  • Staff in transport and logistics;
  • acquisition of European experience and methods e-learning in higher education in Ukraine.

The results of the project:

  • formed a cooperative framework of cooperation with supporting organizations;
  • enterprises- Ukrainian partner universities has been defined and approved a list of topics modules

E-Learning for the development of distance learning courses according to the needs the labor market;

by tranches equipment upgraded remote platform “Prometheus”;

  • 8 distance courses designed for training in the management and logistics;
  • a total of over 600 students have been trained at the courses and received certificates.

Within the framework of the agreement on scientific cooperation in the field between management and

logistics National Transport University and Vienna University of Economics and Business administration.

An important outcome of the project was the VETLOG monograph “Network Developmen training

courses in management of the transport and logistics in Ukraine “edited K.Rozental, R.Fortmyuller,

M. Dmytrychenko, M. Dmitriev, V. Voloshin, M. Myyusov.