International cooperation

The university is expanding cooperation with leading universities institutions of foreign countries

and CIS countries, particularly, this year will mark ’21 Fruitful cooperation with the Polytechnic

Zheshovskoyu in which year 2 held international scientific and technical conference. Now

considered arrangements made for the implementation of student exchange in order to meet

Curriculum for the related fields and get two diplomas universities. Also in June 2013, an agreement

was signed with Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University on training based on

bilateral agreements between universities – partners on academic programs mobility with the

possibility of two documents on higher education. This will significantly improve the competitiveness

of our graduates and their adaptation the labor market.  In cooperation with a worldwide university

MOTUL company was transferred to a unique set of equipment for research and use in the classroom

totaling €150 thousand. And in December 2013 was the official opening of the new academic scientific-

industrial complex “NTU – MOTUL», which will be involved in the preparation of master’s degrees,

and for scientific research.