Scientific and research work of the University

Research work University last year was aimed to perform research provided thematic plan research

and development work in 2013. The university held a permanent job with the maximum

concentration existing potential in key areas of science and technology. With this the purpose of the

university on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On Priority Areas development of science and

technology “, regulations MES of Ukraine formed and approved priority directions of scientific

activity in 2013. Therefore, aware of the urgent need for adaptation and transport Road building

complexes of Ukraine to market conditions, University implemented a number of measures for

restructuring the organization, planning and research. Structural reorganization had a positive

impact on the organization and conduct research, therefore significantly changed effectiveness

research and increased their effectiveness. One of the main activities of the university is the

research work, conducted to ensure the development of basic and applied research using multi-channel

financing (including opportunities offered by Ukraine’s entry into the European scientific and

educational space); search for new forms of cooperation with scientific institutions, organizations and

enterprises; development of research and innovative activities of faculty, staff and university

students. Among the main challenges facing the university in this area are:

  • ensuring the organic unity of the content of educational programs and programs scientific research;
  • implementation of competitive scientific developments and their introduction into educational

process and production;

  • full involvement of young scientists and students on academic performance research and

development science university.